This is a very easy way, but it’s a good one to take first. the window had a built-in troubleshooter that ei try to detect automatically resolved any problems with window update it’s not always practically useful and sometimes Say is a fixed thing when it hasn’t it’s worth has shot window support number +1-888-896-8848

To access it open this feature file from Microsoft alternatively, do a system search for troubleshooting and select the relevant result

A control panel window will be open underneath the system and security.

Select fix issue window update

This will open the new window

Click the advance link

Then click Run as an administrator, as this can help find more issues

Now click next

It will then detect any problems and automatically repair them if it finds, it will list them and whether it well a bale to resolve them or not When completed click close and the troubleshooter, you can know attempt to reruns Microsoft window updates solution phone +1-888-896-8848


Computer rebooting | +1-888-896-8848

If your company rebooting if it hasn’t done ‘t worry I have resolved your problem then you can dial on my contact number +1-888-896-8848

The clear download folder is getting stuck

If your download during download or refuse to install it might be that something went wrong with the self. Clearing all file folder where all of the update download freshes which can help your issue

First press window key +R, to open

Input c:\eindoe\softwares\distubutions\download and click on

No need to delete everything within the folder, but don’t delete it’s then press delete tolf folder to, do press control a to select and remove the file.

Disable your computer antivirus

Disconnect drive disable

Microsoft new Windows update solution number +1-888-896-8848